Strata #2


Video installation that reimagines the stained-glass windows in Notre-Dame and Saint-Eustache through computational methods. Composition, color-schemes and geometrical features of the Gothic windows are analyzed by algorithms, gradually revealing new abstract formations. Delving beneath its iconographic appearance, the work celebrates new algorithmic and non-human aesthetics.

Artwork by Quayola

Produced by Quayola Studio

External Collaborators

Sound Design: Mira Calix, Simone Lalli

Photography: James Medcraft

3D graphics / pipeline: Paul Mumford

Custom Software: Pedro Mari

Producer: Elisa Scialpi, Julien Taib

Production Assistants: E. Parousi, Y. Mokhtarzateh, M. Gil, G. Gremigni

Commissioned and co-produced by Arcadi for Nemo Festival, Paris