Series of prints depicting trees and shrubs from landscapes in Provence.

A high-precision laser scanner observes intricate natural formations, unable to entirely resolve their complex geometries. The ultra-high-resolution prints document the aesthetics of the scanner’s failures, celebrating new machinic expressiveness.

Artwork by Quayola

Commissioned by Audemars Piguet

Produced by Quayola Studio

Andrea Santicchia (pointclouds visualization, 3d-scanning, tracking)

External Collaborators

Main Developer / Rendering: Murat Pak

Camera tracking: Moritz Reichartz

Drone camera operator: Lec Park

Editing: Giorgio Gremigni

Grading: Pablo Noe’

Sound design: Andrea Santicchia

Sound tools: Franz Rosati

Sound orchestrator: Tecla Zorzi

Sound mastering: Gernot Fuhrmann

Assistant: Giuseppe Santillo

Production/Logistics: Encode