Pointillisme: Texas


Series of videos and prints depicting an autumnal forest in Texas.

A high-precision laser scanner observes the intricate and vibrant tree formations, unable to accurately resolve their complex geometries and colors. Documenting the scanner’s failures and related chromatic aberrations, this research draws a parallel between pictorial traditions and new machinic expressiveness.

Artwork and Music by Quayola

Commissioned by Château de Chaumont-sur-Loire

Produced by Quayola Studio

Giulia Olivieri (algorithmic paintings and recordings, editing, data-management)

Andrea Santicchia (photography assistant, tech research)

Maria Elena Brugora (production and logistics)

External Collaborators

Producer: Valentina Peri

Software Development: Nikolai Matviev, Kyle McLean, Natan Sinigaglia, Sebastiano Barbieri

Sound Tools: Alessandro Petrone

Orchestrator: Tecla Zorzi