Iconographies #10-12

The Descent from the Cross after Rubens

Martyrdom of St. Catherine after Rubens

The Ecstasy of Mary Magdalene after Rubens


Series of computational drawings generated from the algorithmic analysis of Rubens’ altarpieces. Composition and geometrical features are analyzed to reveal new abstract formations. Delving beneath its iconographic appearance, the work celebrates new algorithmic and non-human aesthetics.

Artwork by Quayola

Produced by Quayola Studio

External Collaborators

Producer: Beccy McCray

Sound Design: Matthias Kispert

Photography: James Medcraft

Animation Assistants: Kieran Finch, Cai Matthews

Software Development: Mauritius Seeger, Evan Bohem

Tech support: Patrick Hearn

Commissioned by Palais des Beaux Arts, Lille

In collaboration with Nexus Productions