Captives #B8-6-0


Series of unfinished sculptures inspired by Michelangelo’s unfinished masterpieces Captives and his technique of ‘non finito’. The sculptures, robotically carved, are left progressively unfinished to document the computational process and new algorithmic sets of computational gestures.

Artwork by Quayola

Produced by Quayola Studio

In collaboration with ELMSLY

External Collaborators

Producer: Keri Elmsly

Robotic Fabrication: Odico

Software Development: Natan Sinigaglia, Matt Swoboda, Julien Vuillet

Z-Brush: James Hardingham

Assistants: Aymie Backler

Thanks: Henry Keazor, Tommaso Franzolini, Jelle Feringa, Maria Teresa D’Eredità

With the support of MU Gallery, Eindhoven