Pleasant Places


Series of videos depicting late-spring landscapes in Provence.

The poetic behavior of trees and shrubs moved by strong mistral winds serve as a dataset to generate new computational paintings. Speculating on the traditions of landscape painting, the work explores a hybrid substance between the pictorial and the algorithmic.



Artwork by Quayola

Produced by Quayola Studio

External Collaborators

Software Programming: Nikolai Matviev

Cinematography: James Medcraft

Sound Design: Simone Lalli

Producer: Nicolas Wierinck

Producer Shoot: Luigi Filotico

Production Assistants: Caterina Rossato, Sebastiano Barbieri

Commissioned by GLOW

with support from BKKC and the Foundation Van Gogh Brabant, in the context of the 2015 Van Gogh Year

Thanks to Commission du Film Luberon-Vaucluse / Joan Azorin